OOTN- Holiday Partay

A simple look for my work holiday party! I love me a good jumpsuit.XOXO


Lost Lake Festival

All my festival dreams came true this weekend at the Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix; got to dance my a$$ off to one of my FAVORITE artists evaaaa (ODESZAAAA) with the most amazing visuals and people.

Yes that’s a Pedialyte station, I died I had to have a pic there haha. (For anyone that doesn’t know Pedialyte is the best hangover cure!!)

I will never take AZ sunsets for granted again! This was such a beautiful night, I couldn’t be more grateful to be back home in Arizona.


Basic B$tch Brunchin’

Can’t resist a chance to get drunk off mimosas and pretend like we’re classy bitches! To anyone who gets the chance to visit in Chicago, Three Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware is seriously brunch heaven. The cafe is on the first floor with looming glass ceilings and chandeliers (sorry forgot to take a pic!), while there are levels on levels of gorgeous furniture displays to browse while you sip on your bellinis and wait for your table. Imagining the decor in a real home, I felt like a Real Housewife of Chicago honestly!

XOXO brunch lyfe 4eva

Swimsuit of the Day (SOTD??!)

I mean if there’s OOTDs and OOTNs are there SOTDs???

I took a mini vacation home to AZ this past weekend and got to wear my new swimsuit! Loving that one piece suits are so in this season, I think they are so comfortable to wear and look flattering on almost any body type.


OOTD- Space Bunz

Am I an alien? Miley Cyrus? Princess Leia? A 90’s baby? A cartoon character?

One thing’s for certain, and that’s that I feel a little cray with these buns on the side of my head. The double buns of the 90’s are back yet again alongside all the other 90’s revival trends, and nonetheless I am loving all the spunk and sass that it comes with! It’s all about babygirl style; even Juicy Couture is making a comeback! As long as pencil-thin eyebrows stay in the past I’m down.I also am loving the tinted color aviators this year; I’m all about hippie-chic trends and this one feels very 70s inspired, which I love.Live long and prosper lmao XOXO

Festival Style Inspo: Glitter(4ever), Mesh, Macrame, & Metal

Coachella might be over, but summer is just starting and that means festival season is also just kicking up! I think growing up in Arizona has definitely influenced my style toward being more laid back and West-coast-hippie-boho-chic influenced, so festival style is literally my jam. I get as excited about festival fashion as someone in fashion might get excited about NYFW. IT’S MY FAV!

This year, transparent textures such as lace, mesh and even ropes have dominated, oftentimes draped over one pieced bodysuits or bandeaus. Let those butt-cheeks out, ladies! Large, chunky booties often contrasted the sheer maxi dresses and skirts (something I’m not sure I could go for, I couldn’t imagine dancing and walking around all weekend in heels! How do people do this…) along with good ‘ol gladiator sandals.






@cassiebartho (I’m really into this designer Denisse M Vera‘s custom macrame dresses if you can’t tell! Saw people wearing her dresses at least three times, way out of my price range…:( )

Rhinestone face and body jewels are ever present, having replaced the flash tatts of years earlier. You can even find unique, gorgeous shapes and designs to purchase these days vs. using simple gems, etc. (check out The Gypsy Shrine) Patchy spots of bright body glitter are also everywhere, reflecting the hot sun. Popular placement includes the chest, shoulders, cheeks, and along the hair-part line! And speaking of hair, consider adding braid-hoops to your braids. (i.e. here from ASOS!)




@cortney.erin Extra points on those talons

Jewelry and clothing become one in the form of filigree and chain-mail bralettes and halters, as well as body chains, which I find reminiscent of the silver aesthetic of boho accessories.



Here are a few other of my favorite overall looks from this year!evelina



(Wow after bunching all these photos together, you really start to realize how similar everyone’s poses are, eh??)

FYI! After doing some research on where some of these outfits came from, some ran up the $600 range coming from custom designers I.E. those Denisse M Vera dresses…if you’re anything like me and are used to shopping for fast fashion trends at places such as Forever21 or H&M and are looking to diversify your options, great places to look that hover around the same price point include BoohooUSA, ASOS, & Lulu’s just to name a few! You can typically find almost any fashion trend you are looking for off of one of these sites or the other!