Goodbye, Chicago

Life throws you unexpected curveballs and reminds you that no matter how much you plan or think you know how your life is going to play out, you really never do. Circumstance has me back home in Arizona, so I’ll be blogging from the desert once again…onto the next beautiful journey.



Why We Love This Puppy Food

Now I’m no puppy food doctor, but it took me a little bit of research to know that this stuff (The Honest Kitchen) existed so I thought I’d share! To me, there’s always just been the dry kibble, wet canned food, and treats…that’s it. With this stuff, it starts out as a sort of dry powder, and you add warm water to make the meal. It’s cost effective, convenient, and even saves some space; a 4lb box makes up to 16 lbs of food for around $40 dollars. Compared to 25lb bags of kibble going for the same price, this has been our favorite option since we discovered it! The chicken flavor–“Force“–is the only grain free option that is made for puppies as well as adults, so that’s what my little fur baby Winston here is eating.

They claim to be human grade, meaning that the food is processed in a way that makes it safe enough–and pure enough–for humans to eat. I just love that! And the ingredients are minimally processed, giving it that strange green color of fresh food.

Winston gets as hyped for this stuff as he does for his treats, which has never happened before with his kibble!



I’ve never been a very good blogger but have always had a passion for blog-related things…fashion, lifestyle, DIY, food, you name it! Anything along the lines of something you’d find on Pinterest, I’m down. Doesn’t every girl?? Basic don’t care. On that note, I’m not quite dedicated or sophisticated enough to perfect the details of this blog, and that’s kind of how I want it. Just casual things that I’m currently diggin’! So enjoy!