WIP: DIY White Chalk Mandala Dresser

When you’re poor AF, sometimes you gotta be a little creative with your cheap IKEA purchases! To begin with, I bought these two sets of three-drawer wardrobes and pushed them together to make one large dresser. The wood on these were unfinished, making for the perfect project template.The mandalas are drawn on with white craft pens from Target: super easy and inexpensive to get started! Working on the dresser was honestly amazing for de-stressing, or when I just wanted to relax and had nothing else to do. I found the patterns from Pinterest here and worked with those so I wouldn’t get too out of hand trying to make up patterns on my own.

Unfortunately I never got to finish and had to leave these babies behind in Chicago, but here are some inspo photos from the work in progress!

The best part is that it’s really difficult to mess up; the white chalk pen is super easy to go over again, and with the complex patterns of the mandalas, it’s easy to balance out mistakes.



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