Coachella Betchez

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetMonths ago, I heard Beyoncé was gonna be headlining at Coachella and brashly threw my credit card down for a ticket. I love a good music festival but could never justify all the extra money and planning that it took into making that trip out to that extravagant production in Indio, even when I was driving distance in AZ.

So anyways, Beyoncé. Any sort of doubt I had about making the trip vanished as I imagined booty bumping to OK LADIES NOW LETS GET IN FORMATION. Queen Bey was definitely what pushed me to get my ticket, so you can imagine how sad I was when she pulled out of the festival!! DEVASTATED!! Lol I got over it eventually…fast forward a full day of traveling from O’Hare, to LAX, to Palm Springs, I found myself in a desert of grass, a TON of dust, the scorching sun, and rows on rows of palm trees. But most importantly, a gorgeous weekend full of music, partying, dancing, and FASHION. Who doesn’t love solid festival fashion…and let’s face it, Coachella has the best.

DAY ONE: I wanted to take advantage of the typical earthy, boho-y hippie-chic Coachella vibe that you think of when you think of Coachella specifically. Flower crowns and floppy hats may have died out, but the same aesthetic lives on in different forms. Black and white lace, huge metallic statement necklaces, earthy tones, and loose wavy braids still persist among the chokers, buns, crushed velvet, nylon, and chunky shoes from today.

DAY TWO: Okay so this day, I decided to give into what I perceive as more current festival fashion, which is way more rave-y and way less hippie. #FESTFRIENDSFOREVER

I also got my hands on a good watermelon slice this day…did I buy it for the watermelon itself, or for the ‘gram? We’ll never know.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

DAY THREE: This was my comfy-chic day! I wore a soft cotton romper, a simple, thin black choker, oversized glasses, and a denim baseball cap over a curly, messy pony. This might have been my favorite outfit for overall comfort and aesthetic!

The festival itself is such a huge production; music and fashion aside, it was a beautiful weekend.NamaSLAY lmfao



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