DIY Stocking Name Tags

Here we go again guys…IT’S THE BEST TIME OF YEAR!!!! Shout out to all the midwest-ers out there: I can’t believe this kind of weather exists. My norm is 45 degree sweater-wear back in AZ, but this year it seems like I’ll just be nesting at home to avoid literal death by ice-wind.

On the other hand, this will be my first Christmas with snow and my first Christmas in the city, so I’m beyond pumped. Michigan Ave is an absolute dream, and my apartment is getting a full on holiday makeover.

Anyone knows me probably knows that I’m obsessed with Target…they literally have everything. (And has anyone else noticed how awesome their dollar section has been lately?? It’s as if their marketing team has been doing research on Pinterest and I’m not complaining!) I bought stockings there recently for about $13 each, along with Command hooks and these gold, monogram gift toppers from Sugar Paper.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a ‘W’ available for Winston, and a little look online told me that they were only available in store. I wanted his stocking to match everyone else’s so I made him a wire name ornament using gold-colored wire, pliers, and a some twine to hang it up!

I just love how this adds a little homemade charm, and white and gold is probs my favorite holiday theme. ‘TIS THE SEASON!



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