Avocado Toast, My Way!

Okay, REAL TALK I have been obsessed with avocado toast even before it exploded all over social media. Wait scratch that– avocado toast isn’t just all over social media, but on the menus of low and high-end restaurants alike. It’s buttery, guilt-free taste just speaks to the most gleefully basic parts of my soul.

I’m not gonna claim to be any sort of chef. Actually, the fact that I’m not the best home cook is partly the reason why this is one of my favorite foods. It’s easy peasy! And because I’ve got the most simple taste palette, the most gorgeous interpretations of this meal don’t phase me away from my own plain version.

Avocado Toast BASICS, for my fellow basic souls ❤ :

Toast the bread, score marks into the avocado and scoop/mash onto the toast, sprinkle pepper and a good amount of garlic powder. OPTIONAL: add a yolky egg on top. Keyword is yolk, which makes for an awesome sauce.

My boyfriend likes to put red pepper flakes on his too, but I’m a plain girl at heart. So here you go everyone, the secret to my award winning recipe.



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